Tranquillity among the clouds. A true eye-catcher.


A pillar of tranquillity, The Edge glimmers in the middle of Hyllie’s buzz of events, shopping, and entertainment. A monolith that exudes power and focus.

The Edge is undeniably a building that makes an impression, even at a distance. And this impression grows the closer you get.

The grand entrance, the bright offices with abundant natural light, topped with a sky terrace offering uninterrupted views in all directions.


A grand entrance

It’s not just The Edge’s exterior that’s out of the ordinary. The impressive entrance and the atmosphere of the lobby with its 4.5-metre ceiling height evoke a feeling of both exhilaration and mindfulness.

And you’ll certainly be hard put to miss the artwork, “Kristaller”, created by artist Charlotte von Pohl especially for The Edge. More than 500 different crystals from old chandeliers hang together like a sunray through the clouds to create something truly magnificent.

An inspiring venue

The Edge’s lobby also serves as a conference venue, with conference rooms that can be booked digitally. In a harmonious and inviting environment, there’s room for short informal conversations in the lobby or more structured meetings with clients or colleagues in a private meeting room. Food and drink can also be provided.

Inspiring views

Whether you need to collect your thoughts, sit and work in the open air, or just relax and eat your lunch, The Edge’s sky terrace is sure to be a hit. Tenants get exclusive access to this inviting and inspiring environment high above the ground and with far-reaching views.

Adjacent to the sky terrace is a kitchenette, which is ideal for hosting events for your customers, a kick-off event for the company, or when you just want to hang out with your colleagues.

Or why not bring a yoga mat and have a lunchtime yoga session looking out over the Sound?


Midroc The Edge

Property owner:

Midroc Property Development AB


Hyllie Vattenparksgata, Malmö

Move in:

Q4 2019


7 600 m2

Number of floors:


Basement floor:

With sport depot


Parking house at Malmömässan