Airy offices for better focus. And bright ideas.


People are affected by light, sound, and space. A well-thought-out work environment reduces stress and increases focus. It will be an inspiring oasis where people want to work and where they perform at their best but are still in balance.

At The Edge we’ve focused on developing a modern and safe work environment with a well-planned indoor climate. In addition to economic and health benefits, this gives your company an edge when it comes to attracting talent.


Offices with a good work climate

The Edge is as harmonious on the inside as it is striking on the outside. The generous three-metre ceiling height and large floor-to-ceiling windows result in light and spacious offices with striking uninterrupted views across the landscape that inspire and add a touch of magic.

Furthermore, The Edge offers a balanced indoor climate. This means comfortable temperatures all year round, fresh indoor air, abundant natural light, and materials that are good for people and good for nature.

All for an active lifestyle

Well-being, mental performance, and physical movement are all intertwined. This is why it’s important to create a work environment that encourages and facilitates an active lifestyle. This could be cycling to work or going for a run at lunch.

The Sports Depot can be found in The Edge’s basement, offering a space to securely park your bike and equipment to perform simple repairs if needed. Showers, toiletries, towels, hairdryers, and lockers are available in the clean and modern changing rooms.

Security for a safe work environment

A good work environment is also about feeling safe. The Edge features a digital system that offers security without making life overly complicated.

During the day, your visitors check in using a digital reception. You’ll be notified automatically so you can go down and meet them in the lobby. This means it’s not possible for anyone to go up to the office levels without first checking in.

When the property is locked, you can enter only if you have a digital key fob.