A more magical working day. We make it possible.


If there’s one thing that characterises Midroc, it’s our innovative thinking. This might be a slightly smarter location, architecture that’s a little more daring, ceilings that are a little higher, higher quality materials, or greater flexibility in what we offer.

For us it’s about your well-being. Your happiness. Magic in your day-to-day life. And this is what we’re constantly striving to make a reality.

We also have the resources, experience, and expertise to make it possible. To get you and your company to grow.

This is something we call “magical possibilities”.

From bold ideas to finished buildings

Midroc develops and manages residential and commercial properties. We work all the way from concept to finished property and are always innovative in our thinking. Good ideas are always welcome here, whether they come from you or from us. We thrive on innovation and close collaboration.

In addition to our involvement in Malmö, we develop residential and rental properties in Skåne, Växjö̈, Greater Stockholm, and Uppsala, as well as offices, hotels, and premises for the public sector, primarily in Skåne and Greater Stockholm. We also operate the World Trade Centers in Malmö, Lund, and Helsingborg. We manage a property portfolio worth more than SEK 4 billion in total, the majority of which is commercial premises.

In partnership with municipalities, we develop detailed plans for larger areas of land into complete development rights ready for construction to start. We take pride in always seeing our projects through to the end and take responsibility with regard to environmental and social sustainability. Our goal is to create sustainable buildings and environments that help people, neighbourhoods, cities, and regions to evolve.

Our project portfolio currently comprises 810,000 square metres of building rights with a project volume worth approximately SEK 21 billion. Our focus area is the south of Sweden and our head office is in Malmö.

Our strength is your security

Midroc Properties is part of Midroc Europe – a specialist in real estate, construction, industry, and the environment. We have a vision of a better future. We’re helping to create a society in which people can live, evolve, and feel good.  The business is based in Sweden and has an international outlook. Midroc Europe employs 3,600 people and has revenues of SEK 5.6 billion.